Work in Abu Dhabi

Most Expats move here to work in Abu Dhabi. The Tax Benefits are well known and the standard of living (even with the heat) is very high, making it a great place to relocate to.

If you are hoping to find a great job in the UAE or have already agreed a role but are dreading the move, hopefully we'll have the info you are looking for.

The Big Questions

Before chasing job opportunites in the UAE, have the answers to the following questions in these key areas

Relocating is a big commitment and the last thing you need on arrival are unwanted, unplanned-for and financially unpleasant surprises!

- Finding work in the UAE

What are your options for work and how to you find and apply for local roles? Who can't apply? Where can I apply? Find out more...

- What to expect from a job offer 

What should you be asking for? How much? What are the additional benefits that you need to consider adding to your contract for the UAE?

Take a look at a typical offer letter for working in Abu Dhabi, with a list of the remuneration and benefits you should expect. Find out more...

- Tax or no Tax

Will you still be liable for tax in your home country? How do you set yourself up for tax-free status? Is it possible to actually save money or is everything twice as expensive to compensate for being tax free? Find out more...

- The costs of moving abroad

It is important to have a clear understanding of how much it will cost to move and what costs you can expect to get yourself set up on arrival. Check out Before Moving to Abu Dhabi for more information on key factors for consideration.

- Setting up a bank account and getting paid

How to get prepared for your pay and sorting your finances in advance.  FInd out how to do this before you leave home and the benefits of having a bank account locally for financing your arrival. Find out more...

- Attestation of your degree

To be approved for a work visa you will need a degree qualification or equivalent . All your documents will need to be attested prior to the submission of your work visa application. 

Find out more about what documents you will i need attested and how to get it done before working in the UAE? 

- Getting a Police Clearance Certificate

Also known as a Certificate of Good Conduct, you may need to apply for a Police Clearance Certificate and provide this with your employment application. For advice on where to go and what you need to take click here.

- Visa requirements

How do I get a work Visa? What types of Visa's are there and will my family need visa's too?  What is the process? Find out more...

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