Where in Abu Dhabi should we move to?

Where in Abu Dhabi should we move to?

by Nichola

We are moving to Abu Dhabi from Dubai in the next few months - can you please tell me the best area to live/move to?

Our wish list is long unfortunately, as we are spoiled for choice in Dubai.

We would preferably like
- to be in an area where we can walk to the beach
- that is well serviced by taxi's (as I don't drive) and shops
- preferably live in a villa or a low rise apartment complex with outdoor pool facilities

Are we living in fantasy land?

Also any recommendations for good bars & night life would be appreciated



Thanks for getting in touch! Your wish list is not at all unreasonable and should be mostly achievable.

Without knowing more about your wants versus needs – and especially your budget - it’s tough to make an ideal recommendation. However, we can generalise for you (hope that helps!)

If ‘taxi’s' are important to you then ideally you need to be anywhere between the Corniche and Delma St (13th Street) as you can almost always call or hail a taxi from there. Plus its where most of the Malls/Shops/Nightlife are based.

Beyond Delma, down the island, taxi’s are slightly more difficult to just ‘grab’ and often get lost finding your road or villa (unless it’s right next to a busy landmark like immigration!).

Walking distance from the beach (within the taxi zone) would put you near the Corniche – but keep in mind many parts are still closed (under construction).

The Emirates Palace end of the beach is mostly open to public (Al Khubeirah/ Khalidiyah).

The Villa’s in Al Khubeirah and Khalidiyah are mostly independent (not in a compound) and pricey due to their desirable location (so no pool or gym).

Many of our friends have lovely Villa’s in this area and pay to join the Hiltonia Beach Club up the road for extra facilities.

There are also quite a few new-build high rises (sorry, not low rise) that have opened, with great facilities and probably very competitive prices at present (which continue to improve) and are walking distance from the Corniche.

They are definitely worth a look.

Good luck finding your perfect accommodation! We’d love to hear how you get on.

PS – I’ll try to add some nightlife info for you in the next few days.

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