by Usama
(Los Angeles California USA)

Hi , I am currently living in USA and will be moving to Abu dhabi in November as my husband got a job there. We have nothing arranged before hand , I don't know any body there. I have no idea where I will be living at, where to buy furniture, electrical appliances brand new ones, how to lease a car or if I can lease a car instead of buying one. I am super confused.

Hi there, don't worry you are not alone! I was super confused too before moving and to be honest, it's the reason I created this site - to help others in the same situation.

The UAE is very modern and EVERYTHING you could possibly ever need is available somewhere at some shop, or can even be ordered online and delivered from abroad (sensibly speaking).

There are very large department stores with reasonable prices were you can pretty much buy everything you need for a house in one go. Not mention IKEA (check it out online at ikea-uae.

Cars are really easy to get sorted. You can rent one from any of the major airports on arrival using your international drivers license (or your local one for many countries). As soon as your residence visa is sorted though you MUST have a local license. Check out the info here on this site for the procedures etc you will need to get done.

And as for meeting assured, you will have a network of new friends here in the UAE in no time. It's a really social place and people are generally really friendly.

Good luck with your preparations and your move. I hope you find the site useful! :)

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