UAE Resident Checklist,
 Arriving in Abu Dhabi

Work your way through your UAE resident checklist...

After arriving in Abu Dhabi, there are a number of things you will need to do in order to complete your settling in process.

Check out the list of jobs that you will need to complete, either for your visa requirements of simply for your own enjoyment purposes (such as the alcohol license).

If you are being sponsored to work in Abu Dhabi, your PRO (the company person responsible for liasing with government departments and completing the admin procedures) will likely sort out most of your documentation - which means all you need to do is attend the various immigration or test centre's as directed by the HR department.

If you are a spouse of someone sponsored, you may not be so lucky to have a PRO direct or assist you. 

You may have to get all the different procedures and requirement done on your own. But don't worry, the list below should help you identify what needs doing and how to get them done.

UAE Resident Checklist - Abu Dhabi

In order to complete all the different 'jobs' we recommend you purchase a handy pocket sized map of Abu Dhabi. This will help you find all the different centre's you will have to attend (as you can't always rely of the taxi drivers to know where they are).

We also recommend you always carry your passport, entry visa (pink slip), a whole bunch of passport sized photo's and photo copies of your passport and entry visa.

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