Saving Money on a UAE Monthly Income

Being offered a high UAE monthly income and a seemingly great employment package abroad can all be a bit of a mystery when it's your first time.

The Expat numbers might seem fantastic compared to your current situation and the opportunity might sound too good to be true... how do you really know?

It can seem like a good idea to begin with, but when you sit down and actually do the numbers it can be a different story on paper.

And you MUST do the numbers before you make the decision to move to the UAE, because Abu Dhabi is not a nice place to be poor and it is illegal to be overdrawn.

They are very black and white about finances – which may be very different to what you currently experience back home (with readily available loans and overdrafts and credit).

Best you understand exactly where you stand financially based on your potential UAE monthly income before you go!

Whilst the pay offered in the UAE is generally much higher than ‘back home’ there are still a number of things to watch out for in a job offer. Best to negotiate and have things added before you sign the dotted line. 

After all, more is always better when it comes to salary and allowances.

So what are the things you can expect in a typical employment package from a reputable employer in Abu Dhabi?

Once you are sure of how much you will earn for your UAE monthly income, including all the different allowances, then you need to compare it to how much you are likely to spend – firstly getting moved abroad, then on your Abu Dhabi set up costs .

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Getting a good job offer with all the appropriate trimmings should put you in good stead for saving towards your dreams. How much you save is then up to you and the kind of lifestyle you end up living in Abu Dhabi...

Thankfully, there is a ton of fun to be had for free.

Abu Dhabi has to be one of the most amazing locations for seeing and taking part in huge events and concerts for absolute nothing. Not a penny. A huge benefit of being an Abu Dhabi Expat!

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