UAE Traffic Fines Payment Information

The following 'traffic fines payment' information is not created for legal purposes but is an interpretation of how the system works and may have inaccuracies

It's is YOUR responsibility to learn, understand and adhere to the local legal requirements when driving in the UAE. See here for more information on Abu Dhabi or Dubai.

Getting a Fine in the UAE

There are many ways to get traffic fines in the UAE. Here are the most common examples below...

  • Pulled over by traffic policeman for speeding. 

Often, the police will place a 4x4 on the side of a motorway, or positioned on a bridge over a motorway, with a radar inside that 'clocks' speeding vehicles as they drive past. 

The vehicles speed and details are then radioed to the awaiting traffic policenmen further down the motorway, who will subsequently pull you over and issue you with a ticket. 

Most of the ticket is in arabic, Click here for advice on how to read your speeding ticket 

  • Static speed camera ticket 

Much like any other static speed cameras in the world, if you drive past one over the legal speed limit, it will take your picture and you will be issued a fine accordingly.

Note however, that you will not receive notification of a speeding fine. It is up to you to check online for any offences you may have accumulated. 

Traffic fines payment can be made via the following links...

Click here for the Abu Dhabi Police Fine Checking Link.

Click here for the Dubai Police Fine Checking Link

If you make your fine payment early you will receive a 50 % discount on the total fine. 

You cannot re-register a vehicle if fines are outstanding. If you don't regularly check online it can be a nasty surprise at registration! 

This is also VERY important to be aware of when purchasing a second hand car. Click here to check for speeding fines against your registration in Abu Dhabi. Or click here for Dubai.

  • Parking fines 

If you park your car in a paid parking area and fail to pay or display a paid ticket, you will be given a parking ticket.

This ticket is placed on your windscreen and will need to be taken to a Mawiqif office and paid for. There is a facility for paying your fine online, click here.

  • Driving infringements, running a red light, driving the wrong way up a one way street etc.

Fines issued for driving infringements, unless you are phyically pulled over by a policeman, are the same as the static camera fines, in that you will not be notified of there existence.

See the black points table for more information on driving infringements.

Making your Traffic Fines Payment

Most fines can be settled online at the various governents sites.

More severe violations may lead to more severe consequences that will be settled with the Police.

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