Traffic Accident Abu Dhabi, What to Expect

Below is our overview of what to expect should you have a traffic accident Abu Dhabi.

It is a guide only and designed simply to give you a heads up on the processes you are likely to experience should the unfortunate occur while you are out and about driving in the Abu Dhabi Emirate.

All traffic accidents must be reported to the police and a police report is required for all insurance claims. 

For a minor collision in Abu Dhabi, not requiring emergency services, call 02 446 2462 to notify the police and wait for them to arrive at the scene.

For any major accidents, dial 999 for emergency services.

If there is only minor damage to the vehicles involved,and it is safe to do so, the advice from the traffic police is for drivers to the move their vehichle to a safe area away from the flow of traffic. 

When the police arrive at the scene, they will assess the accident and apportion blame. The police will document the necessary details and give you a copy of the accident report – pink paper means you are at fault, green paper means you are not to blame. 

You will need to submit this paper (pink or otherwise) to the insurance company to get your vehicle repaired. 

You will be required to pay fine if issued a pink accident report. 

In some circumstances, following an accident where you are at fault, the police may retain your driving licence until you obtain the documents showing that the claim is being processed with your insurance company. In this instance, the insurance company will issue you a paper that will entitle you to retrieve your license from the police. 

Saeed is a private organisation employed to support the police. They respond to non fatal traffic accidents in Abu Dhabi and are utilised with the aim of attending accidents quickly. 

There is a charge attached to the Saeed Service, payable by the party at fault and accident reports also incur a fee. 

You may be issued a fine or demerit points as a result of the accident. See here for more information on black points.

See here for information on driving violations or to check if you have speeding ticket fines.

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