Sponsoring a Maid in Abu Dhabi

There are two parts to sponsoring a maid (or domestic helper of any sort) which we explain below in detail.  

The process is quite straight-forward and requires a couple of visits to immigration (and one to the airport if you are not renewing or transferring sponsorship).

Before you can complete the process, you must ensure you qualify to sponsor a domestic worker.

Part One – Entry Permit

The best thing to do is contact the embassy of the nationality of maid you wish to hire for clear guidance on how to gain a valid entry permit. 

The relevent embassy will also provide you with employment contract details such as minimum pay and holiday requirements.

They might advise that you use an agent to start the process of sponsoring a maid – they will provide you with the details of who to contact. 

This will cost approximately AED 2500 and will ensure your maid is all set and qualified to legally leave her home country.

We recommend using an agent as the rules for home-help are strict and regularly changing. 

Your maid may need some training, a medical certificate and permission to leave their home country in order to come work in the UAE. 

Try agent Juliet on 0507634106.

There is no longer a deposit scheme requiring a 'financial guarantee' of AED 5000 that is refunded when the maid returns home.

Take the following to Immigration and apply for your maids entry visa (which can be done in one visit for a fee):

  • Copy of maids passport
  • Maids photo’s
  • Signed employment contract from the agent – a new Arabic Contract will be issued at the Typing Department (Fee AED 100)
  • Sponsor’s passport (containing residents visa) – sponsor will need to attend to sign everything.
  • NOC from sponsors employer (this is a No Objection Certificate from your employer stating you have permission to employ/sponsor a maid)

Fee of AED 100 (plus AED 100 for urgent processing and approx AED 150 for extra typing fees etc)

You will be issued an Entry Permit for your maid.

Send a copy to your maid and take the original to the airport at least an hour before she lands, handing it in at the immigration desk.

After she arrives, you have 30 days (in some cases 60 days) to complete Part Two of the sponsorship process.

Part Two – Maids Residency Visa

To complete the process of sponsoring a maid you will need to get your maid’s residency visa, labour card, Health Insurance and Labour Contract.

It may be possible for your work/company PRO to assist in this process - we always recommend asking!

Firstly get a medical certificate for your maid by taking her to complete a Medical Test. This will take a few days to receive/collect.

Take your maid and the appropriate documents to immigration.

Documents you should take with you:

  • Maids Passport and entry permit
  • Sponsors Passport (containing residents visa)
  • Your tenancy contract (to prove your address/accommodation)
  • Sponsor’s evidence of monthly earnings – to prove you earn over AED 6000 per month
  • Application form
  • Labour Contract issued during Part One

For a guide/estimate of on the total cost, take the 6000 AED, add to this the 12 x monthly pay for your maid (approx 18000) and the annual flight home (approx 1000 one way, 2000 return) and you will have the annual total cost of your home help (approximately 26000 AED).

On arrival, ask for directions and you will be instructed where to go and what to do (staff are usually really helpful when you look lost). 

Be prepared for lots of to-ing and fro-ing and waiting about.

The application is AED 100 per year of contract and another AED 100 for urgent processing (plus any extra for typing fees).

The fee for the entire visa process will work out to be approximately 6000 Dirhams. 

You will also be issued with your maids Labour Card and Daman Health Insurance (fee of AED 600).

Renewing Sponsorship

To renew your maids sponsorship, on completion of her contract, you simply repeat Part Two by attending immigration and creating a new contract and residents visa.

You will need your maid to attend and testify (sign) that they were paid and given the adequate holiday and flights etc that you owed them.

The same fee's apply.

Transer of Sponsorship

Part One - Cancel the current sponsorship

Attend immigration with the following:

  • Current sponsor (in some cases only their passport will suffice)
  • Sponsors Passport
  • Maid
  • New Sponsor with all the appropriate sponsorship documents and fees.

You will go through the process of cancelling the current sponsorship visa (that is in both the maid and sponsors passports).

There is a fee for cancellation (approx AED 500) and then you are free to complete Part Two - the Residency Visa as explained above.

It is not necessary for the maid to leave the country during this transfer process.

Cancelling a Maids Visa


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For any questions on the process of sponsoring a maid, the documents required or the fee's - call the Immigration Call Centre on 600 522 222

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