UAE Speeding Ticket Example

The following 'Speeding Ticket' information is not created for legal purposes but is an interpretation of how the fine system works and may have inaccuracies

It's is YOUR responsibility to learn, understand and adhere to the local legal requirements when driving in the UAE. See here for more information on Abu Dhabi or Dubai.

Pulled over by flashing lights?

There are two forms of speeding fine in the UAE. The first is by a static camera (click here for more information including how to pay) and the second is by being pulled over by a traffic policeman with flashing lights.

See our example of a speeding ticket.

There are numberous camera's on the UAE motorways where ingnorant or arogant drivers can 'clock up' thousands of dirhams worth of fines in just one journey. See here for an article about an excessive offender.

What to Expect

Often, the police will place a 4x4 on the side of a motorway, or positioned on a bridge over a motorway, with a radar inside that 'clocks' speeding vehicles as they drive past. 

The vehicles speed and details are then radioed to the awaiting traffic policenmen further down the motorway, who will subsequently pull you over and issue you with a ticket. 

Most of the ticket is in arabic. Below is an example of how to read your ticket. Just like the static camera tickets, it can by paid online, but will take a few days after recieving it to register in the system.

Depending on how far over the limit you were driving, you can expect a fine and perhaps a fine plus black points. See here for information on Black Points, including the black points table.

Click below to check your registration for outstanding speeding fines or traffic violations in either Abu Dhabi or Dubai.

Example of a UAE Speeding Ticket (2010)

The details have been removed and a description of what the different areas are has been included. 

The key information is on the left, which explains the legal speed limit, the radar set limit and the speed for which you have been fined.

UAE speeding ticket example

For more information on Traffic Fines including how and where to pay, click here.

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