Abu Dhabi Social Life

Creating a social life from scratch when you move to Abu Dhabi might seem daunting... and its always a little tough making new friends in a new place, whilst missing your old mates.

There is something for everyone - the key is finding out What to do, Top 10.

If you are here with a young family, the best place to meet friends intitally is at the kids soft play areas at the malls. Also at the mum and baby groups. 

Be brave and say hello to people you 'like the look of'... and make the effort to keep attending as you will get to know more familiar faces. 

If you have an older family, you will definately meet other families at school and hopefully strike up a relationship with a few friendly mums. Again be brave and say hello!

The readily available and relatively inexpensive childcare options in Abu Dhabi make it a great place for re-joining the adult social scene after having a family. Especially fun are the Abu Dhabi Ladies Nights!

For couples without kids or if you are working, then take up any offers by colleagues for 'nights out' or 'dinners'. You will be introduced to people outside of the workplace and extend your 
social network.


You will quickly build a new social life and network of friends if you remember to do the following - 

  • Be brave, make the first move to say hello (you will soon know if they are not happy to reciprocate your polite communication).
  • Carry business cards if you have them.
  • If you get along, take phone numbers and/or email contacts and follow up the next day with a text or email message.
  • Make the effort to get out to events if invited.

Where to go in Abu Dhabi - Adults

  • Hotel Bars and Restaurants
  • Ladies Nights
  • Sports Clubs or Beach Clubs
  • Online Forums and discussion groups

Where to go in Abu Dhabi - Kids

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