Getting a Police Clearance Certificate in Abu Dhabi

Where do I get a Police Clearance Certificate in Abu Dhabi? What do I need for a Certificate of Good Conduct?.

As any experienced expat knows, the guidance and locations for various governmental procedures evolve on a monthly basis. Always plan for at least two visits to get any job done.

Currently, in my 2012 experience the process for getting a police clearance certificate is as follows...

Attend the Khalidiya Police Station (map below). Parking is limited so perhaps a taxi is a better option in the extreme heat if you wish to avoid a long walk. Enter the large black gates opposite the rear entrance of Spinneys Supermarket. There are two sets of Black Gates, only one is open for pedestrian access.

Follow the signs to the reception (which is upstairs) and at the first desk you arrive at, explain your reason for attending ("to get a clearance certificate"). They will require an ID from you, such as your drivers license, in exchange for a visitors badge.

You will then be directed to the correct office in the far corner of the lobby. There you will need to produce the following documents:

  • Copy of you passport and residents visa
  • Copy of your Emirates ID
  • Original of your Emirates ID
  • Letter in Arabic stating your reason for needing a Certificate of Good Conduct
  • Fee (debit or credit card only - 53 AED or 57 AED)

This will be processed and your certificate will be available for collection after 2-3 working days.

View Police Clearance Certificate - Abu Dhabi in a larger map

The clearance certificate office is open from 8am to midday, week days.

You are likely to need a Certificate of Good Conduct if you are applying for a travel visa abroad, a local trade license or locally engaged employment. 

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