Plan Carefully Before Moving to Abu Dhabi

If you are anything like us, there are a million questions you want answered before moving to Abu Dhabi – before you are willing to even make the decision to emigrate.

Afterall, it's no small thing emigrating to a completely new place.

Like we were, you are probably keen as mustard to go. But before you can even entertain the concept calmly, you will need to gather all the right information you need to make an informed, educated and sensible decision.

If you are still in the early stages then you’ve come to the right place. Perhaps you have a job offer or are chasing one? Either way, it’s a long journey ahead.

At this point, Abu Dhabi probably feels like a far off place with the promise of financial long term gain and a whole lot of sunshine!

Before moving to Abu Dhabi, before accepting a job offer and running off to the beach or the mall, its best to investigate the answers to the following questions:

Once you have ensured that you are able and want to make the move, then the hardest part is done.

Yes, the relocating is tough and the change of lifestyle, pace and culture is difficult (at first).

But at least you won’t be in for any nasty surprises during the hardest few months, because you’ll have asked yourself the key questions (listed above) before you emigrate and figured out the very important answers.

In fact, the answers will dictate whether you stay or go.

As you will discover, moving to the UAE is an expensive exercise (regardless of how big your relocation allowance is) and one that is not easily reversed should you decide it's not for you.

Fortunately, you'll have done your homework and will be ready for all the highs and lows of emigrating. And consequently, be more likely to settle in sooner and start enjoying the rewards faster.

'To Do' Checklist - before you go!

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