Medical Test for
Abu Dhabi Residency

You must complete and pass a Medical Test on arriving in Abu Dhabi in order to attain your residency visa.

You will be tested for communicable diseases like TB and HIV by providing a blood sample and chest x-ray.

Men and women are tested in different areas. The process is similar for both.

Here is an example of a recent new arrival's experience of her Medical Test kindly provided so you know what to expect.

Going for a Medical Test

Venue/Location - Disease prevention & screening centre SEHA on Karamah near Wahada mall.

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Required documents for new applicants:

Original and photocopies of visit visa and passport (should you not have access to a photocopier, you can have it done there for a cost of 2 AED)

Fee (at time of writing) 
250 AED - Regular service
500 AED - Fast Track/Same Day Service, available on the 2nd floor at the VIP desk

Step 1:

Go to the first floor and collect a ticket from the desk near the waiting room entrance. 

Wait in waiting room until your number is called. 

When called to the booth you will need to hand over your documents and 250 AED. 

Here they will enter you personal details into the system and take a photograph of you. They will then give you your documents back plus a small white card.

Step 2:

Go through to next room and hand your documents to a person sitting at a desk near the entrance.

Sit and wait to be called.

When called a doctor will ask you a few questions and mark your small white card and then give you back all of your documents.

Step 3:

Go through to the next room where you will be instructed to sit and wait to be called for your blood test.

Hand documents to the nurse and they will then take one vile of blood, handing you back your documents when finshed.

Step 4:

Go through to the x ray room, handing your documents over to a person sitting by the entrance.

Sit and wait to be called through for the x ray.

They call around 4 people through at a time so it is a bit of a squash.

You will be asked to remove your bra.There are some curtains you can pull around you to do this, there are also gowns but they are not freely offered and may not be necessary if you are wearing a light cotton top which can be left on.

Your documents will have been handed to the radiographer, so wait until you are called into the actual x ray room.

After the X ray is taken, collect your white card only, you are then free to leave.

Process time approximately 1 hour when arriving at 8am (best to arrive as early as possible)

Your certificate should be ready to collect in 2 days

To collect your certificate

You only need to take your white card to collect your certificate from the reception desk on the first floor.

Should you forget it and only take your passport or entry visa (as I did) go to counter 9 in the men’s waiting room (ground floor) where you will be issued with your certificate after they have entered in some details from your passport or entry visa.

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