Jobs in Abu Dhabi

Being attracted here by great jobs in Abu Dhabi is the primary reason for expats relocating to this rapidly growing and vibrant city.

The lure of a well paying role and a potentially tax free environment is enough to attract even the most grounded of individuals.

Before you set off across the globe be sure you understand your home country tax requirements. You may be liable for part year or even a full year of tax on your overseas earnings depending on where in the world you are moving from and at what point in the tax year you leave. Click here to read more on work in Abu Dhabi.

Also ensure you have a good contract in place for your new job. See here for an example of the types of remuneration and benefits you should be considering in the UAE.

Best Jobsites for the Middle East

If you are looking for a job opportunity in the middle east, we recommend you try the following local jobsites

or apply directly to your target companies on their HR/jobs website.

If you are an employer looking to employ educated and experienced expats to fill any jobs in Abu Dhabi, you can post the roles here. Simply complete the form below with a job description, timings and submission details.

Abu Dhabi's Strong Job Market

Despite a global down turn, there is still a strong job market in the Middle East with numerous vacancies in most sectors. 

The key is to ensure you present you CV in a clear fashion, with evidence of your education level (which is essential to work in the UAE) and to set the standard with an excellent first phone interview. Click here for phone interview tips.

To be approved for a work visa in the UAE you will need to have your qualifications (degree or equivalent) attested. See here for more on Attestation of Certificates.

Once you have an offer in place, be sure to negotiate the best package you can, especially important if you plan to take dependants with you who will require schooling. 

For more on a typical contract including what kind of remuneration and benefits you should expect, click here.

If you are concerned about taking your family abroad, click here to read more on family life in Abu Dhabi and expat children.

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