Job Vacancies in UAE Getting the Best Employment Package

After you have sifted through all the various job vacancies in UAE, found your ideal role, nailed the interview then received the package/offer letter...well, then what?

How do you know what is a good employment package offered with the job vacancies in UAE and what should it contain?

How much should you be earning and what additional elements should I be looking out for that are not the norm for my current contract back home?

Below is an example of what you might expect to find in an Abu Dhabi employment package (agreement letter).

While there may appear to be plenty of job vacancies in UAE, job offers vary dramatically and you need to ensure you get the best deal possible before you leave home.

Every company is different and the naturally the amounts offered to expats vary from good to excellent. 

Here are the general headings and contents you can expect to see in a typical UAE employment offer letter...

Example Offer Letter for Job Vancancies in UAE

Date of Commencement of Duties
Your agreed possible start date.

Period of Contract
Unlimited or fixed term.

Total monthly remuneration package in AED. (Basic salary plus allowances)

Hours of Work
In compliance with UAE Labour Law, contracts are based on 48hours, 6 days per week. However many companies now work on a 45 hour 5 day week.

The package (for job vacancies in UAE) will be made up of the following components:

Basic salary in AED per month. 

It’s important to note that this is the number used for calculation of your end of service gratuity as per UAE Labour Law. (This is the equivalent of a golden goodbye handshake instead of a pension)

Allowances (added to your basic salary to give a total package)

Accommodation Allowance
Depending on the model provided by your company they will either give you an accommodation allowance in your salary or pay directly for the property and give you a budget. There are pros and cons to both models.

If this is paid as an allowance into your salary the down side is that it reduces your gratuity and the rent will need paying before you actually earn anything. 

In the UAE you normally pay the whole rent in two instalments, the first on signature and the second 6 months later. This is a big deal when the average cost of a three bedroom flat is around 40k GBP a year to rent.

But on the up side of an allowance, you can spend as much or as little as you want and keep the difference.

If you receive a 'budget' it means you can’t save any difference but then you don’t need to worry about paying the bills up front.

Most companies will find you temporary accommodation to begin with but be wary and read the small print, often it will only be for a limited period so if you’re not careful you could end up footing the bill yourself.

Loans are also available for paying the rent however the banks normally need 3 months of electronic payslip evidence in the UAE before they will issue a loan.

Transportation Allowance
Transportation costs and allowances vary again some will offer one ticket per family member a year. Some will offer an amount towards your costs and you’re on your own from there!

Home Telephone/ADSL installation and Rental
Some companies will offer an allowance for your home phone. Always worth investigating.

Most companies will offer relocation to some extent. It really important to check what is covered as the costs can really build up if they are not covered. Usually they would contain a sea freight element and an air freight:

  • Airfreight Allowance
    The Company will normally pay for some unaccompanied baggage. This is normally in terms of an allowance per family member.
  • Sea Freight Allowance
    The Company will provide you with the use of one 40ft container (holding approx 12000lbs/1800 cuft) for the relocation of your personal effects from your point of origin to the UAE.

It is a legal requirement in the UAE to offer 30 working days, for each 12 months of continuous service, based on a 6 day working week. However many expat companies will reduce this down to 25 days but only expect you to work 5 days per week (still a minimum of 45 hours though) The first leave is normally dependant upon completion of your probationary period.

A monthly flight allowance is normally offered. This is paid as a lump sum per person per month, for yourself and each eligible dependant as per your contractual status, as a contribution towards an annual flight to your point of origin.

Medical/ Life Insurance
In accordance with UAE Law medical cover for yourself, your spouse and up to three children under 18 years of age and life insurance for yourself will be provided. Although most Life cover will only cover the costs of repatriation so read the small print.

School Fees
There are no free of government funded schools in the UAE. Most companies will depending on your grade and position offer a contribution to either some or all of the costs of education. 

School fees are normally only paid for those in Primary and above and do not cover nursery in most cases, this is a useful negotiation point if your children are in nursery as even the nurseries can cost circa 5k GBP per child. Also most companies will only offer school fees for two children up to 18 years of age.

Many companies operate a discretionary profit sharing scheme for employees.

Gratuity is in accordance with UAE Labour Law as per the Standard Terms and Conditions. These are available on the internet and well worth a read.

Probationary Period
In the UAE a 6 months probation period is a statutory requirement.

Job vacancies in UAE generally offer generous salaries compared to those 'back home'. Getting a great package is important if you actually want to live and save money.

In terms of figures for the different headings, it is always difficult to give an accurate yet general amount as it all depends of your role, position, company and additions/extras to your package, not to mention how much of it you spend!

Salary Expectations

As a rough guide (and remember the variance is huge between companies) here are some average total salary package expectations for Abu Dhabi roles:

  • Directors - Dhs.60,000+ (per calendar month)
  • Senior Managers – Dhs.30,000 - 60,000 (pcm)
  • Business Personnel – Dhs.10,000-30,000 (pcm)

Accommodation Budgets

Also as a rough guide, here are the accommodation allowance examples that we know of for expats in Abu Dhabi:

  • Secondment from UK – accommodation paid in full by company, no allowance in salary
  • Senior Manager for Oil Company – Dhs.300,000-400,000 (per annum)
  • Senior Manager Business – Dhs. 200,000-300,000 (per annum)
  • Business Personnel – Dhs.120,000-200,000 (per annum)

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