Getting your ID Card

An ID Card issued by the Emirates Identity Authority is mandatory for all citizens and legal residents over 15 years of age in the UAE.

The aim of the ID Scheme is to reduce fraud and identity theft by protecting an individuals identity through the concept...

'something you carry, something you know and something that is intrinsically yours (fingerprint, biometric data)'.

Applying for your ID Card 

  • Fill in the e-form at any authorised Typing Centre with your Valid Passport containg your valid visa, complete and submit the application e-form. KEEP YOUR RECEIPT! 
  • Once submitted, you will then receive an SMS with the date and place of your registration (that you must attend in person) 
  • Attend your appointment (sent via SMS) taking your Typing Centre Receipt and your Passport. Whilst there you will be required to have your fingerprints (including hand and palm), digital photographs and electronic signature (retina scan) taken. 
  • You will be given a document with your card details, including your cards 4 digit PIN before leaving the appointment. 
  • You will need to present/give your receipt document to the courier in order to receive your card delivery. Be sure to REMOVE THE PIN number from the form before you give it to the courier. 
The pin code issued is one of the ways to gain access to the private data in your card and authenticate your identity.

Its recommended that you change your pin regularly (using Card reading program offered by EIDA).

3 incorrect pin attempts will deactivate your card. Contact EIDA for more information.


The Fees are AED 100 per year of visa validity and AED 70 Typing Service plus a small fee for delivery of the card to your home address. 

- Only cash or credit card are accepted. 

- Replacing your lost or damaged ID Card costs AED 320 

More information, including a list of aurthorised Typing Centres can be found at the Emirates ID webiste

Emirates Identity Authority Head Office 
Mohamed Bin Zayed City 
Mazyad Mall Tower 3 
7th Floor 
PO Box. 47999, 
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 

Tel: +971 2 4955555     Fax: +971 2 4955550

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