Setting Up a Gas Supply Contract

You will need to set up a new gas supply contract with the Gas Company if you wish to connect to the natural gas supply available in limited areas of Abu Dhabi.


Natural Gas connections are available in most inner city apartment blocks, but are not that common in villa’s or buildings out of downtown. 

You can however use gas cylinders which are readily available and easily filled/replaced, simply speak to the gas company for more information. 

The only company we are familiar with is International Gas Services Est. located on Electra St opposite the Honda Showroom. 

International Gas Services Est. Phone 02 6732626 or email

If you move into an apartment with a gas supply, the number of the company will be provided inside the cupboard of the supply switches (usually in the kitchen somewhere).

To start the service (12 month contract) you will need to visit the Gas Company office with the usual documents (or ask your company PRO to get things started): 

  • your tenancy contract 
  • passport 
  • passport and visa copy 
  • down payment (usually in cash or cheque in the range of 500dhs, most of which is refundable on disconnection) 

They will then send out an engineer in the near future to take the initial reading, connect your cooker and turn the gas on for you. 

Payments are usually made quarterly or six monthly – a gas company representative comes to your door with the amount owing and takes payment and gives you receipt then and there. 

Gas Supply Disconnection 

As per the contract, you are legally obliged to formally disconnect from the service and obtain a Clearance Certificate.

To disconnect the service, call the office to request disconnection. 

An engineer will come, turn off your connection switches, disconnect any cookers, give you a final reading receipt. 

Take your receipt to the Gas Company Office to complete the process, settle you bill, collect your clearance certificate and terminate your contract – and receive any deposits owing.

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