Food in Abu Dhabi

For most of us, food plays a rather important role in day to day living. If you holiday or move permanently to somewhere new, the quality of the cuisine available at the destination can have a HUGE impact on your happiness.

So what is the food like in Abu Dhabi?

You'll be pleased to know that Abu Dhabi has some of the finest cuisine in the world, truly superb restaurants and supermarkets with almost everything you could possibly need - even brands you'll likely recognise.

Whilst the quality is generally fantastic, unless you hunt out the deals and bargains, it is generally expensive on your monthly budget.

If you are emigrating, you are likely to find in your first two to three months after arriving that your monthly food bill from the supermarket is unexpectedly massive.

The reason for the initial high expenditure is your initial need to buy comfort/familar brands that are often five times or more the price of local brands.

There are huge savings to be made on buying local and shopping in local supermarkets.

Fast-Food varies in quality and price, but is plentiful with delivery services available to most areas.

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