Finding Work in the UAE

Getting a great job here in the Middle East is not a simple process. Finding work in the UAE might be easy, there is plenty of it after all, but securing and actually starting an excellent well paying job here with all the benefits is not so easy.

Before you decide to chase an opportunity in the UAE, make sure you have the answers to a number of key questions that are essential to making the right decision.

Its worthwhile becoming familiar with the typical remuneration packages and how much you are likely to be spending on a regular basis just making ends meet in the UAE.

What can look all glittery at first may not be gold and the middle east is not a fun place to be poor. 

That said, its a fantastic opportunity to earn and save money as well as enjoy a good quality of life..

Who Can't Work in Abu Dhabi?

To obtain a work visa for Abu Dhabi individuals must complete a Medical Test that confirms they are free of HIV/Aids, Hep C or Hep B, and Tuberculosis. If you have any of these diseases you will be denied a visa and deported.

If you are being moved from your current location to the Middle East with the same company (secondment) then things are much more straight forward - although you will likely incur tax issues that you should look into.

If you are currently abroad and hoping to get a new role here in the UAE you have a number of options. 

Click here for a list of the Best Jobsites for Abu Dhabi and the Middle East. Simply visit these sites, post your CV online and apply for roles as they arise.

Alternatively, you can always approach different UAE based companies directly. Many advertise international roles on their websites - however it is always best to follow this up with a phone call as too often job applications seem to get lost in the ether!

Don't forget that you will need to have all your important documents attested if you want to apply for a job.

The absolute best thing you can do, is visit the UAE on holiday and drop a copy on your CV in to the different companies in person. 

Nothing beats face to face conversations with an actual person, who you can follow up with when you are home. 

Its important to note that here in the UAE email communication is not the same  as 'back home'. You can't always rely on getting a response even to direct emails.

Culturally, email doesn't carry the same weight or importance as what you are likely used to. Far more emphasis is placed on face to face meetings and almost everything here, in business terms, requires a hand delivered hard copy.

For more on finding work in the UAE including an example of a typical offer letter, outlining remuneration and benefits, click here.

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