UAE Expat Finances TOP 5 TIPS

We all want to make the most of our expat finances... to make every dirham count and to have money in the bank for a 'rainy day' in the future (most likely when we've moved home to rain!).

Whilst incomes may be higher than what most of us are accustomed to back home, there are unfortunately plenty of ways to spend your hard earned cash before it has reached the savings account.

Its no surprise that the move alone puts a strain on your finances not to mention the shiny, pretty, sparkly, large, fast, bling that is ever present in the shops and on the streets, that begs for you to part with your finances every day!

So what are the top tips for expats who value thier finances....?

Naturally, like almost every other expat, we are here to save money and to make some financial headway during our time in the UAE.

My hubby and I are no financial experts, but luckily since moving to Abu Dhabi, we have met some who have shared their wisdom  and given us some really useful and clear guidance.  

Holborn Assets are licensed by the Federal Insurance Authority & the UAE Ministry of Economy and have kindly allowed us to share their top 5 financial tips for UAE expats with our readers. 

Top 5 Financial Tips for UAE Expats

Click on each one for more information on your obligations as an expat and how to acheive them.

#1 - “Make sure you have a valid Will”

#2 - “Keep the bulk of your cash offshore”

#3 - “Protect yourself and your loved ones”

#4 - “Maximize your tax-free status”

#5 - “Make regular savings from your income”

For a free consultation and impartial advice from a qualified financial advisor please contact Holborn Assets

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