Setting Up an Electricity Supply Contract

Before you move in to your new place, you need to establish an electricity and water supply to the property. 

You, or your company PRO, or your property agent (on your behalf) will need to attend the Abu Dhabi Distribution Company (ADDC) office with the appropriate documentation and fees.

ADDC Connecting/Disconnecting your Power and Water 

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If you are moving house in Abu Dhabi and worried about your ability to have power and water (and AC!) at both properties during the moving process...

You can set up a new electriciy and water supply at a new property before you shut down your old connection that you are currently using at your current abode.

Connecting if it’s a private rental (in your name not the company name): 

The new property you are moving into will need to provide you with a ‘clearance certificate’. 

This is the document that shows that the previous tenants are paid up and ADDC contract is completed. Your agent should get this sorted for you based on your agreed contract start date. 

You then take the following to the ADDC office to start up your new connection 

- Photocopy of passport and visa 
- Photocopy of your new property contract 
- Copy of the Clearance Certificate 
- 1000 dhs 

ADDC will set you up with a new supply within a few days of application. 

NOTE: you are legally obliged to obtain a clearance certificate when vacating a property. 

Cancellation of your ADDC contract when you move is a must as you will be personally responsible for any future consumption, whether you live there or not – SO WHEN YOU LEAVE A PROPERTY GO GET THE POWER OFFICIALLY DISCONNECTED! 

Connecting if it is a company provided property: 

Your company PRO/HR should sort this aspect of things for you – they will need similar information as well as a company letter and copy of trade license. 

Plus the fees are slightly higher. Best to give them lots of warning to be sure you get things done within your timeframe.

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