Customs Regulations for Abu Dhabi

If you are shipping your personal belongings, Abu Dhabi Customs Regulations will apply to you. 

It is very important to adhere to the requirements of the country to are entering and to be aware that they may have bans or restrictions on items that you currently own or have in your posession. 

When your personal shipping consignment (including any air freight) arrives in the UAE, you will need to be present in the UAE at time of clearance.

Shipments are subject to 100% inspection at the discretion of Customs.

The lists below are a guide only and it is your responsibility to check with your shipping provider on the most up to date and accurate Regulations.

Prohibited Items

  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Weapons, firearms and ammunition (real or ornamental are subject to confiscation)
  • Fire crackers
  • Swords, spears or daggers
  • Animal hides / skins
  • Narcotics of all kinds including poppy seeds, flowers, leaves etc 
  • Drugs (medicine or prescription drugs are allowed in reasonable quantities but are subject to analysis, and you must provide an inventory before packing) 
  • Ivory products 
  • Political or religious literature that might be deemed offensive to the UAE government or the Islamic faith Pornographic materials (books / magazines / CDs / videos / films) 
  • Products of Israeli origin or items on Israeli blacklist 
  • Statues and figures of animals with religious undertone 
  • Carvings, statues, pictures or paintings in nude 
  • Remote or cordless telephones 
  • Walkie talkie systems 
  • Counterfeit currency

Restricted Items

Records, tapes, exposed films, photographs, books, magazines, periodicals etc Stamp or coin collections of high value

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