Abu Dhabi Culture

The Abu Dhabi culture is closely linked to its Islamic Religion. Its local Emirati people are proudly Muslim, which can be seen in all aspects of Arab life, from the clothes worn to the regular call to prayer.

If you are fortunate enough to be in Abu Dhabi on UAE National Day, you will also see just how proud they are to be Emirati with their colourful car decorations, national dress and general festive celebrations.

Whilst the local culture is present and nurtured through Art Displays, Heritage Village and the national participation of significant Islamic calendar events (such as Ramadan), Abu Dhabi is a growing cosmopolitan city with hundreds of nationalities to be found walking its streets, shopping in its malls and working in its businesses.

By far the largest community level influence is Filipino and Asian (Indian, Pakistan. Bangladeshi) with thousands of individuals living and working in Abu Dhabi and essentially giving the city an Asian feel with its numerous small trinket/gadget shops and various Asian influenced take-away/delivery restaurants.

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