Choosing Accommodation and Moving House

Finding the right area and choosing accommodation in Abu Dhabi is tough for every expat. 

Whether you are arriving for the first time or moving house for the tenth time, its always a difficult process. 

We look at how to best choose and what then needs organising once your new place is secured.

Choosing accommodation in Abu Dhabi is stressful at the best of times. 

You need to decide on the right type of property. And there are so many obvious and hidden residential areas both on and off the island to choose between. 

How and Where to Choose?

Commuting distance (work or school run) is a deciding factor for many, second only to cost. 

If you are lucky enough to have a huge housing allowance or even a set up where the company simply pays for your accommodation (directly in advance) then you have your pick of locations – it will be a matter of getting in early as popular compounds and villas in and around popular areas are snapped up quick. 

If you are bean counting – which is often the point of being in Abu Dhabi in the first place – then choosing accomodation that is the best value for your money is tough but worth all the effort. 

You will need to go visit and view loads of places to get a feel for what you get in exchange for what prices in which areas – they vary dramatically! 

Rough rental price guide for on and off the island residential areas.

Loosely speaking the following price ranges apply – 

• Nice villa in or near Khaladiya (with no facilities) or a nice big (4 bed) apartment in or near Khaladiya with facilities 300,000 to 400,000. There are a few compounds clustered in this top quarter of the island, with a similar price and shared facilities – but they tend to be snapped up quite quickly by company accommodation providers. 

• Compounds or independent villa’s further down the island are more like 200,000 to 300,000.

• Off island you get Bain Al Jessrain (mostly independent villas with no facilities and a couple of really expensive compounds with facilites), Al Raha Compound which is hoping to get shared facilities in the future, or Khalifa City A zone with big independently owned and maintained Villa’s (occasionally in clusters/small compounds). Off island prices for these areas are also 200,000 to 300,000 however they tend to be much larger than on island properties with outdoor space (but not always!). There are big properties under 200,000 but the nice ones go quickly. 

• Al Reef Compound is on the boarder of the airport and has close access to motorways and Yas Island and has both complete areas and new build areas. The villa’s are 3 or 4 bed with shared facilities and gardens, or 5 bed villa’s with private pool in the garden. They range from 130,000 to 190,000. 

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How to secure your choosen accommodation

It is possible to deal directly with the owner of a property (especially off island), but generally speaking its much smarter/better to work through an agent. 

An agent will (or at least should) sort contracts and maintenance queries and even help with the completion and starting of new utility contracts. 

Once you have secured your place with a signed contract and paid the deposit you will need to consider the following 

  • Choose a moving date and working through a checklist 
  • Choose a good Removals Company 
  • Utilities (disconnections and new connections) 
    • Gas 
    •  Telephone, internet, TV (etisilat and or OSN/Al Jazeera) 
    • Parking (Mawaqif)

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