Purchase a Car
in Abu Dhabi - your 'buyers guide'

Here is our buyers guide for how to buy a car in Abu Dhabi, including finance, registration, insurance and more.

Buying a car in the UAE or the Miiddle East is much the same as it is in the UK although the ME has some interesting differences that are worth thinking about before taking the plunge.

Choosing a Car in Abu Dhabi

You will have noticed that compared to the European market, the cars on the road in the UAE and Middle East have a different demographic. 

4X4’s and SUV’s are probably the most popular types of car but there's also a very good selection of family sized saloon and sports cars. 

All cars supplied in the Gulf are delivered as “Gulf Spec”. 

This is much the same as if you purchased in the US, they would be “US spec”, but can be an important factor for consideration if you plan on taking the car back to your home country.

All of the manufacturers that you know sell cars in the Middle East plus a few that may be new to you.  

We have tried to gather as many online car sites for you in our Abu Dhabi Car Buyers List.  There are also a number of auto malls and a very strong used car market.

The options open to you in finding a car are to look in the classified ads, in newspapers or online on sites such as

Look at the web sites of dealers and also the websites of second hand car dealers, and finally my favourite going to the different showrooms to have a look and feel of the models available.

Financing your Car
in Abu Dhabi

Once you have found the car that you want to buy and have decided who to buy it from then there are various choices of financing options available (assuming you’re not paying by cash).

Most of the major banks offer car loans for new or used vehicles with the caveat that they are not older than 8 years when the finance ends. 

Manufacturers’ dealers and second hand car dealers can also provide their own finance packages as wel,l so check out the offers before you commit. 

Speak to your bank as they often offer preferential rates to their account holders. 

List of Banks/Finance providers

HSBC: www.hsbc.ae

Emirates bank: www.emiratesbank.ae

Standard Chartered: www.standardchartered.ae:

ADCB: www.adcb.com

National bank of Abu Dhabi: www.nbad.com

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank: www.adib.com

Mashreq bank: www.mashreqbank.ae

Emirates NBD: www.emiratesnbd.com

Dubai Bank: www.dubaibank.ae

CBD: www.cbd.ae

Dubai Islamic Bank: www.dib.ae

Salary Certificate

In order to get a car loan you will need a salary certificate from your employer as evidence that you earn enough to service the loan. 

This is made easier if you already have an account with a bank as they will see your salary.  If you are within your first 3 months then this becomes more important. Example wording:

“This is to confirm that “You” (holder of passport no. XXXXXXXX) is sponsored and employed by this company since “date” as “title”.

The present all-inclusive monthly remuneration of “Your name” is “Salary in figures”/(Salary in words)”

Salary Transfer letter

Most finance companies will also ask for a “Salary Transfer letter” stating that in the event of your departure, funds owing to you by the company will be paid to clear any remaining finance before the remainder is sent to you. 

Example Wording:

This is to certify that the above named person is employed by us. We are under instruction from this employee to credit his salary to his account with you every month and will continue to do so until we receive a clearance certificate from you. (if from a bank)

We are aware that you are extending a loan to this employee on the strength of this letter. Should employment cease while the loan is outstanding, we will notify you accordingly. We confirm that his terminal benefits, after recovering our dues, will be forwarded to you, if the employee fails to repay the loan

Please note that his letter does not constitute a guarantee on our part towards repayment of the loan”


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