Cancelling a Maids Visa  Abu Dhabi

Cancelling a maids visa is essential if you no longer require her services.

If your maid has finished her contract, she has 30 days to either find a new sponsor or to leave the country.

However, want to terminate your maids contract/visa before the expiration, it will need to be cancelled at immigration. She will not be able to get a new sponsor unless her current visa is cancelled.

You simply attend immigration and they will direct you clearly on the same day process of cancelling her visa. You and your maid will sign the visa cancellation form and in doing so will testify that there is no pay outstanding.

What you need to take:
  • Maid
  • Maids Passport
  • copy of sponsors visa/passport
  • Signed Visa Cancellation Form (from any typing office, also available at immigration, but needs Sponsors Signature)
  • fee
Note, Mussafah Police station has an immigration department where cancelling a maids visa service is also available.

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For any questions on the process of sponsoring a maid, the documents required or the fee's - call the Immigration Call Centre on 600 522 222

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