Best location to base myself

Best location to base myself


I am moving to Abu Dhabi on my own starting in March. My work location is Electra Street (that I am led to beleive is an extremely congested area).

I have seen accomodation in the Etihad Towers and this seems to have all of the facilities I would want, especially being on my own, but I am concerned that I am giving myself a terrible commute to work.

Does anyone know how long it would take me to get across the city in rush hour? Also I have heard that they are building a tunnel from the Towers to Downtown but I don't know when it will be completed.

Appreciate any help anyone can give me......



Hey there,

Regarding the commute to town from the Etihad Towers, on a good run it can be as quick as 20 mins but in rush hour it would be more like 45min to 1hr.

We've not heard about a tunnel? Unless you mean the under-pass section of road on Salam Street which is currently under construction and shouldn't be too much longer. However this is only a short part of the total journey from Al Raha area to Downtown.

There are plenty of hotel apartments near downtown (Vision Towers, Rotana Maha Arjan, Vision Twin Towers and more) that provide similar all inclusive accommodation to Etihad Towers.

Perhaps our readers will be able to pass on some experiences of living in the different areas for you. Also post your question on our Facebook page where you will hopefully get some more feedback from Abu Dhabi Expats.

Best of luck.

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Feb 07, 2012
by: Guy

I live in Hamdan Street by Marks and Spencers in the Vision Downtown building. Although it is surrounded by other buildings, accommodation is good and VERY convenient.

Feb 07, 2012
Where to live
by: RR


I work in Hamdan Street which is only 100m walk from Electra. I also used to live 200m from the office and in traffic that could take 20 minutes in a car at peak times!

have you considered looking slightly closer along the Corniche in Markazaya or Mushrif there are some good value apartments. if you have not done so already have a look on

Good luck!

Feb 06, 2012
by: Anonymous

Thank you for taking the time to answer my question - I really appreciate it.

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