Getting Your Alcohol License in Abu Dhabi

As a resident in the UAE you must obtain an alcohol license in order to legally consume (at home or in a bar) or purchase alcohol.

To qualify, you must be a resident, earn more than 3000 aed per month and not be Muslim.
As a spouse, sponsored by your partner who is eligible, you can be added to their license. Simply complete a supplementary online application.
Click here for clear instructions on how to complete the online process including a list of the outlets for collecting you card.

Simply visit the website, upload your documents (in pdf) and your photo (in jpeg) then pick up the license at an outlet near you! Fantastic.

How to Apply for your Liquor License

You can now get you Abu Dhabi Alcohol License online at which is a far more simple and effective process compared to old.

After completing the forms online the alcohol license is then delivered to the preferred liquor outlet for collection.

The new online license process is now free, there will no longer be a fee for applying.

All required documentation will need to be uploaded using the new online service.

Licenses were previously issued at the CID office in town and were a small booklet. The new license will be a modern electronic card.

To complete the online application, individuals will need to download and complete the application form, attach scanned copies of their visa, passport, Emirates ID, photos and NOC from their employer (stating salary) .

An unemployed spouse can apply using the same online process. When applying as a spouse, the original applicant will need to apply for a supplementary card, supplying your digital photo, Passport and Visa information.

As the old licenses are renewed annually, the booklet styled licenses will eventually be phased out.

Required Documents - the list of requirements can also be found at the Special License Office website online:

  • Digital Photo - a passport sized digital image with white background in JPEG format.
  • Emirates ID - A scanned image of your Emirates ID. You will also need to type the card number into the application online
  • Passport and Visa Information - A scanned image of your information page and another scan of your visa page, clearly showing your residency visa.
  • Salary Certificate -  A scanned image of your salary certificate or 6 months worth of bank statements scanned as pdf or jpeg and not exceeding 3MB.
  • Religious Certificate - If you are a non Muslim and have a Muslim name or a passport from a Muslim Country you will require a religious certificate issued from your home Embassy.

Click here for clear instructions on how to complete the online process including a list of the Abu Dhabi Alcohol Shops, outlets for collecting your card.

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