Abu Dhabi Residential Areas
Al Karamah

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Al Karamah is a small area containing a handful of older villa compounds that have long been inhabited by expats and their families.

Essentially the third residential area down from the Corniche (along with Al Rowdah and Al Wahda to the left and right) it is arguably considered the last of the ‘down town’ taxi catchment zones where you can easily get about without a car.

Beyond Karamah getting a quick cab with the wave of a hand becomes much more difficult, especially at peak traffic. 

It is a popular family area due to its proximity to both schools and the CBD with a number of long established compounds containing large villa’s and good facilities. 

Accommodation in these compounds is generally competitive and sort after so most properties are not on the market for long. 

Many companies buy up entire compounds for staff – occasionally these become available in numbers, which can seem less attractive when most of the compound is empty. 

Grocery shopping facilities are a little barren within walking distance (other than the odd newsagent), however there are huge malls and supermarkets a quick drive or taxi away in almost all directions.

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