Types of Accommodation Abu Dhabi

There are essentially three types of Accommodation in Abu Dhabi available for expats.

  1. A Villa, either independent or on a compound. Mostly available down the island in popular expat community residential areas. 
  2. An Apartment in a high rise, mostly in the heart of down town Abu Dhabi and the business district.
  3. Hotel Apartments also found in the heart of the business area and a good stepping stone to identifying your residential area of choice and a more permanent dwelling.

Each of the types has its benefits for different people and naturally the prices vary based on location and quality.

We discuss each type in more detail below, including their typical locations and facilities available.

With the recent global economic decline and increased supply of properties, rental prices in Abu Dhabi have once again become a hot topic (with prices slowly starting to fall). You can read more in the local news.

Also check out the different residential areas of Abu Dhabi.

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