Your Abu Dhabi Villa
-what you can expect

Living in an Abu Dhabi Villa is usually the first image conjured up when thinking about expat accommodation. 

Whilst villa’s on (and off) the island are plentiful the quality and surrounding amenities and useable facilities are greatly varied.

So, what should you lbe looking for? 

Top villa locations and top quality villa’s are snapped up quickly.

It helps to understand the residential areas of Abu Dhabi when choosing where you wish to settle and gives you a good idea of what you can expect to pay for different locations.

General Villa Information 
  • Air conditioning costs in a Villa are higher than an Apartment. 
  • Compound Villa’s often (but not always) have some sort of facilities available to residents such as a pool or Jacuzzi. 
  • The new Villa Compounds are more likely to offer a shared gym, pool, kids room and tennis or soccer Astroturf area. 
  • Independent Villas usually have bigger gardens and more space overall, but no shared facilities. 
  • Covered parking is usually available, garaged parking would be an uncommon bonus. 
  • Usually there is space to park more than one vehicle (sometimes a boat on the curb out front). 
  • Villa’s are almost always more than two levels with numerous balconies – that are almost always NOT childproofed
  • Tend to have electric cookers (rather than gas) 
  • Can have strict rules when it comes to fitting a satellite dish – check carefully before you sign the dotted line.
  • Independent Villa's are dotted all over Abu Dhabi with popular clusters near the Corniche at both Al Khaldiyah and Tourist Club Area
  • Villa Compounds with shared facilities start in Al Karamah and are found down and off the island.

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