Abu Dhabi Transport Options

After you've arrived and settled, you'll need to know your Abu Dhabi transport options. Getting about town is easy. 

Living in the city will provide you with easy access to taxis and buses. And even off island, the options are plentiful and rapidly improving in terms of availability and frequency.



It seems like every second vehicle in Abu Dhabi is a Taxi, however if you are planning to rely on using this extremely cheap form of transport for the school or work journey then its best you pre-book or use a ‘regular’, as Taxi’s are usually full and almost impossible to hail at peak times.

What is the Abu Dhabi Taxi number?     The number to call is...

Abu Dhabi Taxi Phone Number
(for pre-booking your taxi):
600 535353

A top tip -  generally speaking, the better/newer/larger Taxi’s usually have the more experienced drivers – important if you want to get to your destination quickly. Taxi drivers have challenging targets to meet, so we almost always tip the driver well (assuming it’s been a good journey!).


Buses only cost 1aed per journey and are quite frequent on island, especially in and around downtown. The seating is gender segregated so don’t be alarmed when you and your partner are not able to sit together.

Private Car or Rental

If you need a car then there are a number of ways to get on the road.

If you plan to drive a private you will need to get you UAE drivers license sorted (its a simple transfer of your exisiting license) when your residency permit is completed.

First Time License, Lessons and Test Requirements
Click here for more info how to get a first time driving license - how to book your lessons and what is required to complete your Abu Dhabi driving test.

Check out Buying a Car in Abu Dhabi for a comprehensive car buyers guide.

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