Abu Dhabi Street Map

Getting to grips with the Abu Dhabi street map is essential if you don't want to get lost.

Once you get your head around the numerical grid system, it is really quite straight forward. And you can't trust your taxi driver to know where he's going - so best you do!

We advise you start by first

  • learning the numbers
  • then the common colloquial names (not the actual names that are rarely used day to day)
  • then, if you're really keen, you can go on to learn the actual names!

The island street layout is numbered from top to bottom, then side to side - we explain in more detail below.  

close up Abu Dhabi Street Map

See our full Abu Dhabi Street Map to see the numerical layout - click to enlarge the image in a new window.

The Numerical Layout Explained

The Abu Dhabi Street Map has a numerical layout that radiates out from two major roads that form a 'T'. The Corniche (1st) and Airport Road (2nd) down the middle of the island.

The road/street numbers progress from these two roads.

They are odd numbers down the island (starting at number 1st, The Corniche) right down to the bridges to the mainland (ending around 31st street)

They are even numbers from left to right, starting in the middle (2nd street, Airport Road) then going left (24th 26th etc) and right of airport road (4th, 6th, 8th etc).

The map we have provided contains the most common and most popularly used road names you will need to get about. 

If you are new to Abu Dhabi, print it off and keep in on you.

The colloquial street names are the names the Taxi Drivers know and use (assuming they have worked longer than a week). 

Its also worth while getting to know a few major landmarks around the island.

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