Enjoying the
Abu Dhabi Lifestyle

The expat Abu Dhabi lifestyle is pleasantly unique.

Abu Dhabi is a wonderful mix of cultures and people from around the globe. 

While local Emirati, dressed in their beautiful black and white attire, seem visibly present everywhere you go, they are actually a minority in their own country, numbering around 750,000 of a total population of circa 4million.

This evolving, bustling and foreign environment is one that can be quite a culture shock at first. 

The initial feeling that you are far from home combined with the stress involved in actually emigrating can make the first couple of months really tough emotionally – after all, everything is new and difficult at first.

It takes at least 2 months to get ‘set up’ in terms of settling into your new place with everything arrived, installed and working (if you are lucky!).

Naturally, after settling in, things level out and everything starts to fall into place. This is when you can really get to know Abu Dhabi and find the things that make it a fantastic place to live and work. 

...the sun, the beach, the bars, the home help, the pools, the sun, the concerts, the dessert, the restaurants, the sun...

Many expats plan to come for a ‘few’ years, to save money and progress their career...then many years later they are saying, ‘a few more years and maybe I’ll go home...’ 

If you are planning on becoming an expat in Abu Dhabi, check out before moving to abudhabi for our expat guide.

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