Abu Dhabi Hotel Apartments

Choosing your accommodation or relocating? Abu Dhabi hotel apartments are often the first port of call for an expat and their family. They are also a fab option for family holiday accommodation.

If you are being relocated for work purposes, the most common transition is to first be put in Hotel Apartment accommodation, usually for the first month. This gives you time to acclimatise and find more permanent long term accommodation elsewhere.

However, you may choose to make your apartment a long term arrangement...Why? There are benefits vs a Villa or downtown Apartment. We'll explain.

The great thing about abu dhabi hotel apartments is that they come fully furnished. Everything you need, including whiteware (fridge, dishwasher etc) is likely to be part of the package. 

This is fantastic if you don't have the luxury of a generous shipping allowance or want to spend a fortune purchasing new funiture and white goods for your stay in Abu Dhabi.

The amenties (pool, gym, playroom) are often of a very high standard, which is not always the case with a villa or apartment.

And most importantly, they usually have an 'in house' maid service and dry cleaning service. Facilities that you have to independently organise with the other types of accommodation.

Lastly, the cost of rently a hotel apartment, fully furnished is very similar to the cost of renting a downtown apartment. It all depends of quality and location and what your specific needs and desires are.

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