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Welcome to our website dedicated to Abu dhabi expats living in, moving to or simply thinking about it!

We've been collecting and recording everything we thought would be helpful to all our fellow expats since before we even moved to the UAE and recording here.

When we first considered moving to abu dhabi many years ago, there was very little available online in terms of advice or reference to expat life in the UAE. 

And sadly what did exist at that time was mostly individuals complaining about something or another or simply lamenting home...which was not very inspiring!

That's when we decided to start collecting info that would eventually serve as a useful reference guide for others planning to move to Abu Dhabi.

It's great to see that more and more sites and forums and social groups are popping up all over the place. Check out our ever evolving directory page for a list of useful links relevant to both Abu dhabi and Dubai, and even other middle east countries.

If you are moving abroad with your family and have concerns about your soon to be 'expat children', check out our tips on how to make the transition from home to Abu dhabi as smooth as possible.

Undecided about moving to the Middle East? Perhaps a great career opportunity is waiting for you here in Abu Dhabi. Take a look at job prospects in the UAE and how to secure a great contract in this tax free country.

If you are female, then you most definitely need to take a look at the Ladies Nights....drink for free at some of the fanciest hotels in the UAE, its an expat social scene worth joining!

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