Abu Dhabi Driving Lessons and how to get your UAE Driver's License

Abu Dhabi driving lessons are a mandatory requirement in the process for obtaining a UAE driver's license.

If you've never had a full driving license, or if your passport is different to the country in which you gained your full license, then you will need to sit a local UAE test to obtain a local license.

Transfer an existing License
Click here for more info how to transfer your current 'home' driving license to a valid UAE driving license

Abu Dhabi Driving Lessons and getting your UAE Driver's License

Attend Emirates Driving School in Musaffah to open a file for a fee. Documents required; Emirates ID, passport copy, photgraphs and NOC from employer or sponsor.

Take the theory classes then sit the theory test.

Apply for practical lessons and sit your evaluation test to assertain your required practical lesson schedule (ie.advanced: approx 10 lessons required, intermediate; approx 20 lessons required, beginner; approx 30 lessons required)

Complete your practical lesson schedule and complete your practical test.

Book an external driving instructor for Abu Dhabi driving lessons. The instructor will 'decide' when you are ready to complete the official driving test by issuing you with a 'certificate' of readiness.

Book and complete your offical driving test (be sure to take along your certificate of readiness).

Take your test pass to the Licensing Department opposite Mushrif Mall to process your driving license.

Total cost is in excess of 3000 aed (depending on ability and success rate).

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