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Abu Dhabi Car Servicing and Warranties Explained

When buying in Abu Dhabi car servicing contracts or warranty contracts are an extremely important consideration.

Wear and tear in the Middle East is exacerbated by the sandy hot driving conditions, so robust maintenance and warranty contracts will prove to be beneficial in the long run. 

All new cars should come with a warranty and most manufactures limit these by either duration e.g. “3 years” or distance “100,000 km’s”. 

It’s important to have a look at the coverage of these warranties and also the distances and make sure they provide adequate cover for your purposes, always ask and assume nothing!

New cars are also often offered with a “Service package” This is a package which you can purchase when the car is new that will give you free servicing for either a fixed duration or a fixed mileage. 

These are very useful and mean you essentially only pay for tyres and petrol, when you do the maths these packages are generally very reasonably priced so definitely worth investigating.

Warranties offered in the used market come in various flavours and usually are renewable every year based upon certain conditions relating to where and how they are maintained. 

They can help with premium cars where parts may be expensive to soften the blow of any failure but obviously you have to buy the warranty in the first place. 

Used car warranties are split into two significant sections...

The first being those offered on used cars purchased from the manufacturers dealer network, they usually go by the name of “Approved car warranties”, or “manufacturers extended warranty”.

These generally provide the next best thing to a manufacturer’s warranty with the exception of certain items. 

The second type is that offered by non manufacturers of independent dealer networks which will be through a third party insurer. 

In many cases some independent dealers will have their own Abu Dhabi car servicing and maintenance facilities and will offer their own warranty so long as you service and repair your car through them.


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