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Abu Dhabi Car Registration Guide

Car registration

Getting an Abu Dhabi Car Registration for your car is straight forward and on a good day can be very quick (about an hour all in).

Once you own the car (new or second hand) you need to purchase car insurance. See here for more on UAE car insurance at the bottom of the page

Similarly, if you require a renewal of your registration you will first need to renew your insurance before attending the appropriate ADNOC Licensing Office.

When purchasing your insurance you must tell them what date you want for registration and you must attend on that day (or within 3 days of that date).

The Insurance Company produce two copies of the motor vehicle insurance certificate, you will need to give one copy to the registration office.

On the date you requested, simply turn up at the ADNOC any time during its opening hours - If car is older than 3 yrs, drive through the test lane. The testing costs approx 120 dhm and takes about 10 minutes, excluding queuing time. You exit the vehicle and the mechanics do everything

- If its less than 3 years old, go directly to the office and take a ticket to queue.

If your vehicle passes you are given a 'light vehicle inspection and registration Center', vehicle test certificate. Take this to the office and take a ticket. 

If it fails you must repair any required parts and revisit the test lane before your current registration expires.

When your number is called, present the following:

  • your cars gold registration card,
  • your emirates id,
  • your drivers license UAE,
  • the insurance certificate and
  • the vehicle test certificate.

You will then be issued a new gold registration card and given a little sticker to put on your license plate. That's it, you're done!

Important Note regarding Fines:

You will not be able to renew (or transfer an exisiting registration to you) if there are any outstanding traffic fines against the existing registration.

This is VERY IMPORTANT if you are buying a used car. The fines will need to be paid in advance of the renewal date.

Click here to check for fines against your vehicles registration.

Costs (at the time of writing)

  • 120 aed for the vehicle test.

  • 105 aed renewal.

  • 1st registration is 200 aed plus 65 aed (short number) or 75 (long number) for the plate (and 10 aed to screw it on).

First time registration?

- If its your vehicles first Abu Dhabi car registration (purchased new) or is a vehicle from a different emirate, you can get new plates issued for your car next door to the registration office.

- in addition to the documents listed above you will also need your passport and passport copy.

Also check out our guidance on Buying a Car in Abu Dhabi.

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