Your Abu Dhabi Apartment
what you can expect

The high rise Abu Dhabi apartment buildings are mostly clustered around the central business district commonly referred to as ‘downtown’. 

However, more high rises are popping up in either direction of the Corniche and further down the island (Al Wahda) and prices are dropping to reflect the increase in supply. 

As with a Villa, the size, quality and facilities available varies greatly between apartments and consequently the prices reflect this.

So, what should you be looking for?

Finding an apartment that is not over looked by a neighbouring tower block is very difficult – but not impossible. Being an island with limited space, the buildings are built right next to each other. 

Some apartments we have viewed seemed about 6-8 foot away from the other building, which means curtains at night are an absolute must! 

Many of the new builds have good shared facilities, such as pool, gym, sauna, kids room. 

However, the room sizes and overall apartment sizes have decreased which means it can be a trade-off when choosing between new and old. 

Due to the location of most apartments, local amenities are plentiful. 

Benefits include cheap drycleaners who deliver to your door, local supermarkets who push the trolley to your door, restaurants downstairs and hot quick take away deliveries. 

Parking is often negotiable, it is important to discuss when viewing. 

You are likely to be offered one parking space with your apartment and for a fee (often ridiculously expensive) you can purchase a second. However, living in the downtown area can mean you only need one vehicle, depending on your circumstances. 

Unlike Hotel Accommodation, private apartments come with ‘nothing’ provided, it will be completely empty. For example, you will need to bring a cooker, connect the gas and electric and water, set up the phone and internet, and bring all other ‘whiteware’ (washing machine, fridge etc). 

Occasionally, the air conditioning is included in the cost of the apartment. 

General Information 
  • The higher the floor, the high the price 
  • Sea views, higher price 
  • Most apartments are ‘overlooked’ by a neighbouring tower block.

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