Abu Dhabi Alcohol License Online Instructions

If you are a resident in the UAE you must obtain an alcohol license in order to legally consume (at home or in a bar) or purchase alcohol.

Before you complete the online process you must be sure you qualify. 
  • You must be a resident,
  • Earn more than 3000 aed per month
  • You must not be Muslim (proof will be required if you have a Muslim name or passport from a Muslim country)
As a spouse, sponsored by your partner who is eligible, you can be added to their license. Simply complete a supplementary card applicaiton online.

Instructions for the Online Liquor License

You can now get you Abu Dhabi Alcohol License online at www.auhsl.ae which is a far more simple and effective process compared to old.

After completing the forms online the alcohol license is then delivered to the preferred/chosen liquor outlet for collection. The list is provided below.

The new online license process is now free, there will no longer be a fee for applying.

All required documentation will need to be uploaded using the new online service.

Abu Dhabi Alcohol License Online, Required Documents in PDF or JPEG, not larger than 1MB (see the website online for more info):

  • Digital Photo - a passport sized digital image with white background in JPEG format.
  • Emirates ID - A scanned image of your Emirates ID. You will also need to type the card number into the application online
  • Passport and Visa Information - A scanned image of your information page and another scan of your visa page, clearly showing your residency visa.
  • Salary Certificate -  A scanned image of your salary certificate or 6 months worth of bank statements scanned as pdf or jpeg and not exceeding 3MB.
  • Religious Certificate - If you are a non Muslim and have a Muslim name or a passport from a Muslim Country you will require a religious certificate issued from your home Embassy.
When applying as a spouse, the original applicant will need to apply for a supplementary card, supplying your digital photo, Passport and Visa information.

Online Instructions for your Abu Dhabi Alcohol License

Step One
Visit the website and register - giving yourself a user name and a password. You'll find the Register tab at the top right of the page.

Step Two
Save all your required scans into a folder ready for uploading. We recommend you attach your Religious Certificate to your passport scan so it is uploaded at the same time.

Step Three
Visit the website and login using your username and password

Step Four
Follow the online instructions uploading your documents are instructed and completing the required fields (name, personal info etc)

Step Five
Copy/save your application number when the application is completed and submitted. You will need this if there is a technical issue.

Step Six
They will email you confirmation that your application was received in full within a few hours of completion and will give you your 'application ID number'. THey will then assess your application and give you a accepted for rejected response within a day or two.

Step Seven
Assuming your application is accepted, visit the liquor store you chose to collect your new ID 7-10 days after receiving confirmation. You should receive a text or call to say its ready, but we recommend you call them or visit regardless..

List of Collection Locations

The Emirate of Abu Dhabi has many Alcohol Retail Shops. Once you have had your online application approved, your card will be delivered to your chosen location ready for collection.
High Spirits (Abu Dhabi National Hotels)
 Head Office 02-4449821
 Etihad Plaza 02-5579754
 Oryx Hotel 02-6505992
 Musaffah 02-5554082
 Capital Hotel 02-6778370
 Al Ain Hilton 03-7687017
 Sanniya Al Ain 03-7215116

African & Eastern NE. LLC
 Defence Road 055-8924875
 Khalidiya 050-4652297
 Tourist Shop 050-8006383
 Musaffah M17-ICAD 02-5597655
 Musaffah M9 050-9251659
 Musaffah M34 055-6339064
 Musaffah M26 050-9748060
 Sanniya Al Ain 050-3076231

Gray MacKenzie & Partners Abu Dhabi Limited
Khalidiya 050-4456413
Tourist Club Area 050-4456423
Musaffah 050-6120469
Najda 050-6150247
The Club 050-2643748

National Corporation of Tourism & Hotels
Dahfra 02-8770140
Al Raha 02-5577703
Al Ain 03-7376071
Head Office (off airport road) coming soon
Musaffah coming soon

Spinneys Abu Dhabi
Musaffah 02-5543721
ICAD 02-5511340
Al Ain 03-7636367
Al Bandar 02-5571341
Ruwais 050-6220643
Muroor 02-6419366
Khalidiya 02-6812356
Najda 02-6717992
Hamdan 02-6770577

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