About Us

Wondering about us? 

The people behind the type? 

I'd love to say we are exciting, but we are just your average expat family aiming to make a better future for ourselves by moving to the UAE.

After stressing about the decision of dragging our family across the globe and searching and researching the internet for help, guidance and advice... 

And pretty much coming up empty handed... 

We decided to record all we could of our experience (and more) so that we could share with you the highs and lows of emigrating to Abu Dhabi.

We moved from the quiet country-side of the UK to the bustling, hot, hot, hot metropolis and whilst the early road was bumpy and all 'stops and starts', we have finally found ourselves 'settled' and looking forward to discovering more of the city and the area.

We're enjoying pulling together all the information we found useful for our move, and will always welcome more experiences to share with others. 

If you have something useful (even if its a critism!), please don't hesitate to contact us and we'll add/amend the info asap.

"Good advice is like a great family photo - best when displayed for all to see."

Kindest regards and thanks for visiting, 


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